Friends, fellowship .... and fishing

Nov. 06, 2012 @ 06:38 PM

There is something in the energy and anticipation about a championship game that is just plain fun.

The Archdale Bass Club has had several years of building and growing into quality, community-based club with a bunch of really great guys living the club’s motto: Friends, Fellowship, Fishing.

All of that came together at 6 a.m. Nov. 3 at Rick’s Diner in Denton. We meet for a unique end-of-the-year drawing. No one knows where we’ll fish that day until our friend of 27 years, Rick’s Ms. Bonnie, pulls the name of a lake from the hat. This year she picked Badin Lake for us. Then the race is on to launch and get the best catch back to the weigh-in for the final tournament of the year.

The results did not disappoint. Rookie Daniel Jandt made his first trip to a payday with a third place bag of three fish weighing 5.27 pounds. Josh’s dad, David Hamilton, wrapped up second place with two fish weighing 6.73pounds. And, no one is really surprised but, Super Jamie Denison tied down the final win with a little limit of five fish weighing 12.98 pounds, including big fish for the tournament at 5.87 pounds.

Youth angler, Alex Randall, earned an invitation to fish the club’s championship tournament as well. He was awarded the second annual Honeycutt Youth Angler of the Year trophy by club president Eddie Yahya. Alex has worked very hard for the past three years to become a tournament angler and is doing rather well at it.

We congratulate him and look forward to great things in his angling future.

The last event of the year will be the Archdale Christmas Parade. We’ll look forward to seeing everyone there for this great little event when we will bid our loyal readers adieu for a couple of months. Happy holiday wishes to you and yours. We’ll take a little time off to spend with our folks as well and hope you and yours are as blessed as we are with the many gifts we receive from our friends and community.

And, if the winter is as mild as it was last year, maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to sneak away for a while and see you on the water.